Midsummer/Jersey - November 16 - November 18, 2023

Sparta High School

 Crew Who's Who 

  • Bella Fernandez head shot

    Bella Fernandez

    Stage Manager

    Bella is really excited to be stage manager this year and is am having a lot of fun with it. She also does colorguard and tech for the other productions.

  • Nadia Meckey head shot

    Nadia Meckey

    Assistant Stage Manager

    Nadia, a 16 years old at Sparta High School, enjoys photography in her free time. 

  • Maeghan Vreeland head shot

    Maeghan Vreeland

    Production Assistant

    Maeghan loves doing these shows and seeing how amazing they all turn out!

  • Katelyn Kayser head shot

    Katelyn Kayser

    Composer and Music Supervisor

  • Catherine Marussich head shot

    Catherine Marussich

    Set Designer

    Catherine is a junior and has enjoyed designing this show.

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