Midsummer/Jersey - November 16 - November 18, 2023

Sparta High School

 Production Staff 

Alison Sussman  
Assistant Director  
Chris Stokes  
Co-Directors of Scenic Painting and Crafting  
Jennifer Kucher-Csatlos, Maria Eickhorst  
Director of Scenic Construction  
Jeffrey Trzsinski  
Stage Manager  
Bella Fernandez  
Assistant Stage Manager  
Nadia Meckey  
Production Assistant  
Maeghan Vreeland  
Maddie Rufino  
Composer and Music Supervisor  
Katelyn Kayser  
Set Designer  
Catherine Marussich  
Costume Designer  
Emily Pappa  
Prop Master  
Chloe Brawer  
Sound Effect Designer  
Frankie Lloyd  
Audio Engineer  
Troy Maglin  
Lighting Designer  
Nick Sebes  
Graphic Design & Marketing Director  
Tyrese Joanne Nagamos  
Costume Crew  
Haley Erickson, Olivia Flores, Hope Maher, Madeline Wydenbach
Hair and Make-Up  
Madeline Adkins, Haley Erickson, Egg Wieczezak
Lighting Crew  
Abigail Juan
Sound Crew  
Katelyn Kayser, Vincent Rodriguez
Set Construction  
Leah Andrini, Ash Louissaint, Isabella Payano, Aiyana Ramdial, Charlotte Rufino
Scenic Painting  
Madeline Adkins, Leah Andrini, Julianna Bednarz, Veronica Bednarz, Ash Louissaint, Monique Ng, Bryanna Noel
Prop Crew  
Sydney Witt
Running Crew  
Bryanna Noel

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