The Sound of Music - April 29 - May 07, 2023

St. Mary's Drama Guild


To our pastor, Fr. Christopher O’Connor. The Drama Guild would never have been able to do this project without your support.

The D.O.E custodians, for opening your doors to us!

Grannies Basement, Secret Theatre, and Christina Dunham for our sets.


Eloïse, for diving right in and being a tremendous support and resource to our singers!


Daniel, for giving us our first production trailer ever!

The hospitality ladies for helping in the Snack Bar


The House Crew, for your diligence and consistent support

The Stage and Production Crew, for your unwavering willingness to learn on the fly and keep our production on time and moving.


Francine Morgenstern and Eileen Goetzger for our costumes

TJ Kerins, who is our backbone backstage!

Irene and Kevin Cavanagh, without whom we would have no sound!


Katie Gleason, our Lighting Manager, for keeping our actors visible!


Carol Cavanagh for the Basket raffles.

Our Volunteering Parents, without whom we could not do any of this.

Last, but certinaly not least, to our cast. Your professionalism and dedication has made this the perfect show to come back to after the last three years.

If we have missed anyone, please forgive the oversight, and please also bring it to our attention so we may make it up to you somehow.

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