The Sound of Music - April 29 - May 07, 2023

St. Mary's Drama Guild


Crew Members  
Ashley Gleason  
Assistant Director/Choreographer  
Claire Spinetti  
Music Director  
Kerryclare Gleason  
Assistant Music Director  
Eloïse Ghislaine  
Production Manager  
Thomas, T.J, Kerins  
Sound Manager  
Irene Cavanagh  
Lighting Manager  
Kathleen Gleason  
House Manager  
Carol Cavanagh  
House Crew  
Peter Cavanagh
Noreen Cavanagh
Jenny Quarles
Colleen Plunkett
K.E. Plunkett
Rhonda Whitmore
Refreshments Manager  
Elizabeth Gleason  
Refreshment Crew  
Maria Suarez  
Stage Manager  
AJ Bagley  
Advertising Assistant  
Daniel Diamandiev  
Set Design  
Abby Farillas
Alex Alejandro
Set Pieces  
Grannies Basement  

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