Guys And Dolls JR. - April 02 - April 04, 2020

St. Matthias


Scene 1: A Street in NYC
Fugue For Tinhorns  
Nicely, Benny, Rusty Charlie
Follow The Fold  
Sarah, Mission Band
The Oldest Established  
Nicely, Benny, Nathan, Gamblers
Follow The Fold (reprise)  
Mission Band
Scene 2: Save-A-Soul Mission
I'll Know  
Sarah, Sky
Scene 3: Hot Box Club
A Bushel And A Peck  
Adelaide, Hot Box Dancers
Adelaide's Lament  
Scene 4: A Street in NYC
Guys And Dolls  
Nicely, Benny, Street Ensemble
Scene 5: Save-A-Soul Mission Exterior
Scene 6: A Street off Broadway in NYC
Scene 7: Night Club in Havana, Cuba
If I Were A Bell  
Scene 8: Save-A-Soul Mission Exterior
I've Never Been In Love Before  
Sky, Sarah
Scene 9: Hot Box Club
Adelaide's Second Lament  
Scene 10: A Street in NYC
Scene 11: Sewer in NYC
Luck Be A Lady  
Sky, Gamblers
Scene 12: A Street in NYC
Scene 13: Save-A-Soul Mission
Sit Down You're Rocking The Boat  
Nicely, Mission Members, Gamblers
The Guys Follow The Fold  
Nicely, Mission Members, Gamblers
Scene 14: Street in NYC
Marry The Man Today  
Adelaide, Sarah
Scene 15: Street in NYC
The Happy Ending  
Entire Cast

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