Guys And Dolls JR. - April 02 - April 04, 2020

St. Matthias

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  • Chris, Ellie & Angela - Thanks for always believing in me! Love, Josephine
  • Josephine, THANK YOU for all you did for the show. Those dance moves just wouldn't be the same without you!!! Chris, Ellie & Ang
  • Good luck Brandon !! Love The Scott Family
  • Dear Carissa, we know you will bring lots of energy to the performance! We are so proud of you! Grandpa and Grandma Ronan
  • Dear Adriana,  wishing you the best of luck on your performance! You will be a great Sarah Brown. Love, Maggie and Granddad
  • Good luck Ty - Love the Scott family
  • Walt, Lucky Be A Lady Tonight - Nana & POP
  • You got this Harry !! Love Uncle Brian
  • We LOVE you Walter - love mom and dad
  • Walter, you will always be #1 to me Love Em
  • We love you, Mimi - love the Scott Family !!
  • Great job Edward !! Love the Scott family
  • Liana, so happy you are part of the Guys & Dolls production! Love, Mamma, Daddy & Gabby
  • Break a leg, Billy! Love the Scott family!
  • Adriana, we know you will be great. This is just the start of a wonderful future for you. Love, Maggie & Granddad.
  • Good luck to the cast & crew! We are proud of you Matthew! - Mom, Dad, Alexis & Roman
  • Break a leg, Edward! We love you! From: Papa, Mama & Koko
  • Break a leg, Carissa! We are so proud of you. Love, Mom, Dad, Andrew, and Apollo
  • We love you, Walter, Love your sisters!
  • Congratulations Iana! We love you! From Lola & Uncle Viktor
  • Billy you are a STAR! We are proud of you. Aunt Lori, Uncle Rick, Evan and Hazel
  • Best wishes to cast, crew and staff! Helmut and Deanna H.
  • "Watch the stars, and see yourself running with them." (Aurelius) Love, Aunt Chrissie
  • Congratulations to Jon, Toby and the rest of the cast & crew! - The MORENO Family
  • Congratulations to the Guys & Dolls of SMS Drama Club! - Greg & Cy Phillips
  • Congratulations to Mrs. Taylor, Mrs. Miller, Mrs. Williams & Mrs. Pugnet! - Mr. & Mrs. Moreno
  • Good luck to all the cast members and crew! Love, Mrs. Lynch
  • I am so proud of you, Adriana. Love, Grandma

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