Guys And Dolls JR. - April 02 - April 04, 2020

St. Matthias


We have had the pleasure of following the fold with the students in the Saint Matthias Drama Club. We are so thrilled to have had the opportunity to work with, Guys and Dolls, JR., a play based on an original multi-award-winning play and movie. The 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students have put their heart and soul into this production of Guys and Dolls, JR. The Saint Matthias Drama Club would not be possible without generous dedication from many people and the immense talent of the students.


Thank you, Immaculata High School, for generously donating the use of your theater so we can have a place to perform our production (even if we didn't make it there!). Thank you, Principal Brett and Mr, Gidaro, and the faculty and staff of Saint Matthias School for constant and ongoing support, votes of encouragement, and oodles of compliments on the talent. Thank you to Josephine Pugnet for taking on the challenging task of choreographer, when she thought she was "only going to stop by to help a little." Thank you to all the various parents in their roles of Props Master, Costumes, Set Design, Ticket Chair, Party Planners and coordination, because, frankly, none of this could happen without you! A special thank you to Rachel Scott for taking on the role of Parent Coordinator and going on this journey with us, making sure parents were well informed and helping us with every little thing.


Most of all we would like to thank the incredibly talented students at SMS for understanding how to take direction, not upstaging anyone, and believing in each other's abilities and talents! Thanks to our Stage Manager for being our "right-hand man!" Thank you to the Crew for learning how to quickly do their jobs in just a few days of rehearsal.


For your time to shine, we wanted each of you to find joy in every bushel and peck. But, due to unusual circumstances, we will not be performing on the big stage. Instead, we will all need to let "luck be a lady" and hope God graces our paths so we can forge on ahead. From everything the directors witnessed, this would have been a big success on the stage.


We are so PROUD of you all, cast and crew! Now, continue on and let's get ready for the next time we can meet on the stage!


With much love,

Mrs. Taylor, Mrs. Miller and Mrs. Williams

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