Rock of Ages Teen Edition - December 07 - December 10, 2022

Steele Canyon High


Act 1  
Cum on Feel the Noize  
Lonny, Ensemble
Just Like Paradise  
Lonny, Justice, Dennis, Drew, Ensemble
Nothin’ But a Good Time  
Drew, Lonny, Dennis, Ensemble
Sister Christian  
Lonny, Father, Mother, Sherrie, Drew, Ensemble
We Built This City  
Anita, Hilda, Franz, Ensemble
Too Much Time on My Hands  
Dennis, Lonny, Drew, Hilda, Franz, Mayor, Anita, Stacee, Groupies
I Wanna Rock  
Drew, Ensemble
Heaven (Reprise)  
We’re Not Gonna Take It  
Anita, Ensemble
Heaven/More Than Words/To Be With You  
Drew, Sherrie, Waitress #1, Ensemble
Waiting for a Girl Like You  
Drew, Sherrie, Stacee, Ensemble
Wanted Dead or Alive  
Stacee, Sherrie, Ensemble
I Want to Know What Love Is  
Stacee, Sherrie, Drew, Ensemble
Cum on Feel the Noize/We’re Not Gonna Take It (Reprise)  
Stacee, Dennis, Sherrie, Anita, Drew, Ja’Keith, Ensemble
Harden My Heart/Shadows of the Night  
Sherrie, Justice, Ensemble
Here I Go Again  
Sherrie, Drew, Stacee, Dennis, Lonny, Anita, Franz, Ensemble
The Final Countdown  
Dennis, Lonny, Hilda, Franz, Anita, Ensemble
Anyway You Want It/I Wanna Rock  
Justice, Drew, Ja’Keith, Ensemble
We’re Not Gonna Take It (Reprise)  
Anita, Ensemble
High Enough  
Sherrie, Drew, Ensemble
Beaver Hunt  
Joey Primo
I Hate Myself for Loving You/Heat of the Moment  
Sherrie, Stacee, Drew, Ensemble

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