Rock of Ages Teen Edition - December 07 - December 10, 2022

Steele Canyon High

 Who's Who 

  • Paziano Parel-Sewell+ head shot

    Paziano Parel-Sewell+

    as Lonny Barnett

    Paz is a sophomore and is excited to be in his second musical at Steele Canyon! Some of his favorite roles have been, Gomez Addams in Addams Family, The Cowardly Lion in Wizard of Oz, and Gaston in Beauty and the Beast. He would like to thank his family and friends for all the amazing support they have given him.

  • Spencer Pilz+ head shot

    Spencer Pilz+

    as Dennis Dupree

    It is Spencer's last year with Steele Canyon Players and he is more than excited to be Dennis in Rock of Ages. Previously he has been in Shrek the Musical (Shoemaker's Elf) and Addams Family (Ancestor). His favorite role has been a Student Director for 'Til Death Do Us Part. He is so proud of everyone's hard work in this production and the growth of all of his peers. He hopes you enjoy the show!

  • AJ Dorsha+ head shot

    AJ Dorsha+

    as Drew Boley

    Aj has been doing theatre his whole life, and he has been invested in the Steele Canyon Players as long as he has been here.  He simply loves to be involved in the performing arts. AJ has been in performances such as Addams Family, Shrek, and the Winter shows here at Steele.  He is the current advisor of drama club at Steele Canyon. AJ is incredibly thankful to be a part of the Steele Canyon Players and is excited to portray Drew in Rock of Ages!

  • Kricket DeLoriea*+ head shot

    Kricket DeLoriea*+

    as Sherrie Christian/Featured Dancer/Costume Assistant

    Kricket is thrilled to be playing Sherrie for the Venus cast! This is her 9th show with the SCHS Players! Kricket has worked on shirt, flier and costume design with this show and others! Kricket is a senior this year and would like to thank Mrs. LaBella for all the opportunities she’s offered to her students. She’d also like to thank her family and friends for their constant support and to tech for all their hard work!

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