Catch Me if You Can - April 11 - April 13, 2024

Sullivan High School Missouri


We cannot continue to succeed in all of the many things we do, without the help of each and everyone of you! However, a few wonderful people have come out to help us make this beautiful piece! Thank you so much!


Grace Austin and the ECC Theatre Department

Tim Buchheit and Borgia Theatre Program

Mr. and Mrs. Podner

The Wibbenparents

Sam Reiner

Paige Helms

Joshua Medling

Connie Medling

Dena Pritchett

Sara Young

SHS Custodial Staff

Narah, Tammy and Courtney

Mr. Merkel, Mr. Davis, and Mrs. Burke


I would like to not only thank, but also dedicate this show to my friend Steve Castelli.  Steve showed me that it was ok to be goofy. It was ok to find the quirks of a character and fully flesh it out. It was ok to stand out from the crowd. He also shared his love and passion for vintage pop culture and comic books. Sadly, this talented, loving, and just overall amazing human being passed away in December. I can never thank him enough for the dedication he gave to myself and my students throughout the years. The world is a little less bright without him and his wonderful laughter here.


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