Catch Me if You Can - April 11 - April 13, 2024

Sullivan High School Missouri


Act One  
Prologue - Miami International Airport
Live in Living Color  
Frank Jr. & Ensemble
Live in Living Color Tag  
Scene One - Living Room, The Abagnale House, New Rochelle
The Pinstripes Are All That They See  
Frank Sr. & Ensemble
Scene Two - New Rochelle High School
Pinstripes Tag  
Frank Sr. & Frank Jr.
Scene Three - The Abagnale Apartment, Downtown New Rochelle
Someone Else's Skin  
Frank Jr.
Scene Four - Family Court and Train Station, New Rochelle
Someone Else's Skin (Continued)  
Frank Jr. & Ensemble
Scene Five - Chase Bank, Manhattan
A Word From Our Sponsors  
Frank Jr. & Assistants
Scene Six - Outside the Tudor Hotel, Manhattan, and in the Skies
Jet Set  
Scene Seven - The Plaza Hotel, Manhattan
Scene Eight - A Firing Range, FBI Training Ground, Quantico, VA
Don't Break the Rules  
Hanratty & Ensemble
Scene Nine - The Latin Quarter, New York City
Butter Outta Cream  
Frank Jr., Frank Sr., Ensemble
Scene Ten - Idlewild Airport Motel, Room 135
The Man Inside the Clues  
Scene Eleven - A Motel in Los Angeles
Scene Twelve - A Phone Booth and the FBI Building, Washington DC
My Favorite Time of Year  
Hanratty, Frank Jr., Ensemble
Act Two  
Scene One - The FBI Building, Washington DC
Scene Two - The Riverbend Apartments and Atlanta General Hospital, Atlanta
Doctor's Orders  
Live In Living Color Reprise  
Frank Jr.
Scene Three - The Barnes House and a Bar, New Rochelle
Don't Be a Stranger  
Paula & Frank Sr.
Little Boy Be a Man  
Frank Sr. & Hanratty
Hanratty's Reprise  

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