Romeo and Juliet -

Syosset High School

 The Crew of Romeo and Juliet 

Stage Manager  
Talia Landow  
Assistant Stage Manager  
Kat Ludwikowski  
Technical Director  
Adri Peres da Silva  
Stage Right Deck Chief  
Roarke Wightman  
Stage Left Deck Chief  
Sophie Ceron  
Sound Operator  
Jessica Bond  
Light Board Operator  
Phoebe Albro  
Running Crew  
Sophia Akmal  
Running Crew  
Sofia Calle  
Running Crew  
Brianna Ceron  
Running Crew  
Jack Glick  
Running Crew  
Catherine Johnson  
Running Crew  
Dani Kaplan  
Running Crew  
Lizzie Laible  
Running Crew  
Daniel Rashid  
Spotlight Operator  
Lizette Sanles  
Properties Coordinator  
Opal Kang  
Costumes, Hair & Makeup Coordinator  
Sofia Daniel  
Costumes, Hair & Makeup Coordinator  
Grace Duguid  
Costumes/Hair & Makeup  
Courtney Benkin, Hannah Lee, Elena Surber, Mara Sparacino
House Manager  
Mara Sparacino  
Musical Direction  
Jessica Bond  
Sefora Elish  
Advertising Design  
Jay Cee Choi, Keira Leung, Kendall Rousso
Gene Connor  
Costume Design/Coordinator  
Amy Connor  
Set Design/Construction  
Craig Mooers  
Set Design  
Tiffany Holtje  
Lighting Design/Technical Advisor  
Maria Chambers  
Technical Advisor  
Patrick Gessner  

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