Romeo and Juliet -

Syosset High School


It's said it takes a village to raise a child. If that's the case I would present to you it takes a city to raise a child up in the arts and help them find their voices. This year would not have been possible except for the numerous contributions of so many members of the Syosset community. This production alone involved over 60 students, staff and community members. There are so many to thank but our "little" company would like to offer our very special gratitude to the following:


Dr. Thomas L. Rogers for his continued support of the Arts at Syosset High School and in particular being so encouraging as we've been working so hard to rebuild our program following Covid.


The Association of Creative Thespians Parent Boosters and the parents of everyone in the cast and crew for their cooperation and understanding of the huge time commitment necesary for the success of this production.


Dr. Durante, Mr. Gessner, Mr. Steinberg, and Mr. Ruffini for all the support as well as encouragement they've given to the students and for finding ways to help the logistics of theatre work in their busy lives.  Thank you all for understanding that while technology may make our lives easier, the arts make our lives worth living.


The entire custodial and security staffs for their help, understanding, and patience with all of our late night and weekend rehearsals.


Kathy Eliassof for her unwavering support of our program and for continuing to come in to create a lasting chronicle of our productions. Without her, and husband Morris Eliassof, these fleeting moments of art would be nothing more than memories of a dream.


Ms. Amanda Barney for being the best cheerleader a theatre teacher could ever hope to have in his career. We're so glad we were able to induct you as a member of ITS Troupe 3880 last year. While you may be moving on to new and exciting challenges, you will always be a member of our ACT family.


The members of the Technology department for allowing us the use of their classrooms during our productions.


Amy Connor for always being here to help the students be clothed in just the right style,  helping to always create the exact look needed for their characters and the production to come to life, and for being such an amazing bright spark during the crazy time that is "hell week".


And lastly, but never least, Maria Chambers and Patrick Gessner for making sure the basic elements needed for any theatrical production are there - light and sound. Without you our company could never look and sound so good.


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