Romeo and Juliet -

Syosset High School

 Who's Who 

  • James Chappell head shot

    James Chappell

    as Sampson

    is a freshman who is very happy to be making his acting debut on the Syosset stage with Romeo and Juliet. Originally from Wales, he is currently enjoying his time making new friends at SHS and looks forward to more opportunities to flex his acting muscles!

  • Jessica Kaplan head shot

    Jessica Kaplan

    as Geonna

    is a senior and you may have seen her previously in She Kills Monsters and Puffs. Jessica is a black belt in karate and plans to study history and political science in the fall.

  • Jenna Kurmemaj head shot

    Jenna Kurmemaj

    as Bautista

    You may have seen Jenna’s theatrics as Hermia in last year’s production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, or in this past fall's production of Puffs as a certain professor of Scottish lineage. Or you may also remember her as Mrs. Nusthorp in “The Great Pandemonium”, which was featured at Syosset ACT’s 21st Annual One Act Play Showcase.  Or it may be you might recognize her from her appearance as Young Olive on NBC/Netflix’s hit show Manifest. Be sure to see her performance as Minnie in the soon to be released independent film Laurina

  • Phoenix Mangal head shot

    Phoenix Mangal

    as Abram

    is a freshman at Syosset High School whose happy to be back on stage at The Karp. You may have previously seen him playing various characters in last fall's production of Puffs. He wishes everyone a great show!

  • Jason Wu head shot

    Jason Wu

    as Benvolio

    is a sophomore who you may have also seen appear in the one-act play “The Great Pandemonium” as the eccentric character, Richard, as well as in the mainstage play Puffs as the main protagonist Wayne which deemed him worthy for a Theatre Association of New York State Meritorious Achievement in Acting award. He's very happy to be onstage again and wishes everyone good luck!

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