Amélie - November 01 - November 03, 2018

The Beacon School

 Crew Who's Who 

  • Alegra Secor head shot

    Alegra Secor

    Assistant Director

    senior, has been in the Crucible and Major Barbara, both with the Academy at Charlemont. Previous credits include Coram Boy, Stop Kiss, Peter and the Star Catcher, Into The Woods, Carrie the musical, and The Heidi Chronicles. The nicest thing someone has done for her was go through 20 hours of labor to have her!

  • Ella Fruchter head shot

    Ella Fruchter

    Production Stage Manager

    senior, is thrilled to take part in her fifth B'DAT performance. She has served as assistant stage manager for Stop Kiss and Carrie. She then stage managed Peter and the Starcatcher and Into the Woods. She considers the kindest thing ever done for her to be when her best friend cleaned the mold out of her water bottle. 

  • Yulu Brown head shot

    Yulu Brown

    Production Stage Manager

    junior, has been the assistant stage manager for The Heidi Chronicles and If/Then. She was a part of Theater Production last year and loved it! The kindest thing anyone has done for her is be there whe she needs them to be.

  • Mia Lerin head shot

    Mia Lerin

    Assistant Stage Manager

    sophomore, is thrilled to be working on B'DAT’s production of Amélie! Previous B'DAT credits include Into The Woods. Currently, Mia is in Theater Arts 1. In her free time, Mia likes to draw and do intricate makeup looks. The kindest thing anyone has ever done for her is when her friends buy her coffee when she doesn't have time!

  • Oliver Wang head shot

    Oliver Wang

    Lighting Coordinator

    junior, is ecstatic to be returning as crew head for the light team in Amélie. Past credits include Man in the short play Silent Words, Slank in the play Peter and the Starcatcher, and Into the Woods. Oliver was in Theater Arts 1, as well as the Freshman Project two years ago. The nicest thing anyone has ever done for him is laughing at his terrible jokes.

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