Amélie - November 01 - November 03, 2018

The Beacon School


Ms. Lacey, the Beacon Adminstration & the rest of the Beacon Staff for trusting us to make great work without censorship.


Erdene Greene, Frank Willow-Rogers, Chun Hom, and Esther Gross for administrative support, help with printing, computers, paper, space etc. etc.


Super Joe of the sixth floor crew for helping take care of our space!


Sgt Thomas and Building Security for keeping us safe and cheering us on!


Brian Letiecq for letting us borrow the harp, I mean keyboard, and the drums and the peeps, and the love. YOU ARE A STAR. 


Kate Reed for the Keiji cam and for helping with the video and Dante and Chance. Our house is your house always. Big Love for Beacon Film. 


Ben August for being a champion of the arts and our biggest cheerleader! Love you buddy! Come make a play with us!


Gulliver's Gate for donating their old lighting to our black box! WHOO HOO!


Isaac Brune for donating his time and helping his dad, David Brune, with carpentry and painting and nurturing our fantastic crew. 


Keithlyn Parkman for finding sparkly things everywere and literally for making the stars twinkle right here in this room.


Krista Jansen for being the most generous and gentle spirit, for always knowing exactly what to say, and for grabbing those mustaches too!


Keiji and the band for BEING AWESOME and so so patient with the new set up.


Cimato's Dad for making that Pay Phone for RENT - TEN YEARS AGO! Wowah!


Jeff Rosenblum for making our new swanky hoodies in record time!


B’DAT Alum who traveled to be here. We hope to make you proud.


Emily Lucas for jumping in to sew a few things at the last minute!


Beacon Theatre Studio Classes for helping pinch-hit in the end and always being the first butts in seats! 


The Beacon Parents Association for generously supporting our Music Director and Technical Theatre Teacher so that we can continue to make plays.   


And finally, a special shout out to B'DAT Parents Squad who not only volunteer extra time - and time away from being IN the house - to help with Box Office, Sales, and Photos, but also continue to raise funding to keep our program afloat. B'DAT famililes bake for sales that fund costumes and props. B’DAT families give generously to fund the Freshman Project, the choir, building materials, paint, sound equipment, sound engineering and all other stuffs necessary for production. Plainly spoken, B'DAT families make it B'DAT possible, so we can continue to sell tickets so we can pay for the next play so we can continue to learn what we love.


We simply would not be here without their unyielding support.  


Nancey Molesworth, your leadership, mom love and tenacity is literally the nicest thing anyone has done for B'DAT. We all love you, even though we're super awkward about it. ;)

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