Amélie - November 01 - November 03, 2018

The Beacon School

 Who's Who 

  • Chiara Aiello head shot

    Chiara Aiello

    as Amélie

    junior, is thrilled to be in her fourth BDAT show! Previous credits include the ensemble of If/Then, Rapunzel in Into the Woods, and Betsy in The Heidi Chronicles. Chiara enjoys taking classes with The Neighborhood Playhouse, and Broadway Workshop. The kindest thing someone has done for Chiara was buy her 4 different kinds of popcorn on her 16th birthday.

  • Emma Adelman head shot

    Emma Adelman

    as Young Amélie

    sophomore, is enthralled by Amelié and is grateful for her chance to take part in it. The production will be her second since joining B’DAT, after debuting with Into the Woods. Currently, Emma is in Theater Arts 1. The kindest thing someone has ever done for her is when her firends planned her a surprise party for her birthday.

  • Daniel Cadena head shot

    Daniel Cadena

    as Nino/ Fluffy

    sophomore, returns for his second Beacon performance in Amélie, his first being Into the Woods in which he played a little pig. He's also SUPER hype about this play. Currently Daniel is in Theater Arts 1. The nicest thing anyone has done for him is giving that little bit of change he needs when he's short just a little change.

  • Josh Medintz head shot

    Josh Medintz

    as Raphael

    senior, is a long time Beacon theater performer. After quitting Coram Boy freshman year because he was a stuck up snot, he came back for Carrie as ensemble sophomore year, and in Junior year for If/Then as Lucas and Into the Woods as the Baker. Outside of theater, Joshua tells way to many jokes. The kindest thing anyone has ever done for him was love him.

  • Francesca Morris Perez head shot

    Francesca Morris Perez

    as Amandine

    senior, is so excited to be a part of B’DAT’s production of Amélie! She has participated in many past B'DAT productions both onstage (Coram Boy, Into the Woods)and behind the scenes (Lysistrata Jones, Stopkiss, Carrie, etc). She is also in the B'DAT choir, as well as Freshman Project. The kindest thing anyone's ever done is given her their last piece of gum.

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