Cabbagetown: 3 Women... an Oral History Play with Music - September 13 - September 22, 2019

The Patch Works Art & History Center

    Who's Who?    



Sarah Kinney Knight: After I graduated from Roosevelt High in 1955, I went to work at Sears & Roebucks. Later, I owned and operated Sarah's Grocery at the corner of Tye and Kirkwood for 32 years. I am blessed to have two sons and two daughters. One of my past-times is cooking. I cook a lot of Soul Food, and one of my dishes is Cabbage Casserole. Everyone said it's so so good, especially Tad Porter. I also enjoy going to Church, and sitting on my porch talking to anyone that passes by. You can say I have lived here in The Patch all my life. I moved away twice and always came back.



Karen Knight Tanner: My daddy (Vernon) had no limits when it came to me. Yes, I was spoiled by my daddy. He got me a pony named Trixie when we lived at 209 Tye. Later on, he got me a horse named Tinker-bell at 137 Tye.


After graduating from High School, I worked at Atlanta Dairies for over 20 yrs until it closed in 2008. In my twenties, I hung out at my brother Randy’s bar and grill on Memorial Dr. called the Crazy Horse. We had some good times. But something amazing happen to me in my late twenties. I started going back to church where my granny (Viola) took me as a child (Friendship Baptist Church). God dealt with my heart and I surrender my life to CHRIST. I got saved on June 8, 1997.


My new life begun. I realized real quick that God has a sense of humor. In my thirties, I thought I would be an old maid and I was okay with that. After all, I was still with my mama, Sarah, had JESUS in my heart and lived in Cabbagetown. But God sent me to a funeral home where I met my wonderful husband, Rick Tanner. You know, when Rick and I got married, I wasn’t going to leave my mama, my street, or my Cabbagetown. So Rick moved in. We were all happy and settled.


In my forties, I was barely over the hill and things seem like they couldn’t get any better, until we found out Eli’s coming. God truly blessed us with an awesome son. Eli is very energetic, sociable and talented. If you’ve been to Cabbagetown Park, I’m sure you’ve met my guy — Eli.



Barbara Panter-Connah: Barbara and her late husband, Whit Connah, were fortunate to meet Joyce Brookshire through Elise Witt, and enjoyed Joyce’s friendship and the pleasure of backing her musically for several years. Barbara currently plays in two bands, The Rosin Sisters and Hair of the Dog, and teaches Harmony Singing at the Frank Hamilton Folk School.



Walter Harris: His personal connection to Cabbagetown dates back to the mid-1980s when he was on the staff at the Salvation Army Boys and Girls Club that was located on Carroll Street.

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