Cabbagetown: 3 Women... an Oral History Play with Music - September 13 - September 22, 2019

The Patch Works Art & History Center


  • Sarah Kinney Knight head shot

    Sarah Kinney Knight

    as Aunt Beadie

    Hello, my name is Sarah Kinney Knight. On June 23, 1937, I was born at 139 Estoria St. We moved to the next house on Short St. At 3 yrs. old, we moved to 128 Tye St. My sister Dovie was born there. My first job was at Fulton Boys Club on Carroll St. (CONTINUED in "Who's Who" Section)

  • Karen Knight Tanner head shot

    Karen Knight Tanner

    as Lila

    Hey, my name is Karen Knight Tanner. I am 51 yrs old. I have lived in Cabbagetown on Tye St. (in three different houses) my whole life. Growing up in Cabbagetown was so fun. There was more children than pets back then. My 1st pet was a black dog named Mid-night. We shared him with the neighborhood. He had no leash, no fence and no curfew. (CONTINUED in "Who's Who" Section)

  • Kimberly Gayle Cohran head shot

    Kimberly Gayle Cohran

    as Effie

    Hey! My name is Kimberly Gayle Cohran. I was born and raised in Cabbagetown. I am what you may call "An Original Cabbage Patch Kid." Growing up in Cabbagetown was like growing up with a big unique family. Everybody knew everybody. One big happy family. Things are not like that now. I miss the Ole C-Town.

  • Barbara Panter-Connah head shot

    Barbara Panter-Connah

    as First Musician

    (vocals, fiddle and guitar) Barbara grew up in Atlanta, not far from Cabbagetown, after her family moved down from the North Georgia mountains soon after World War II. In Atlanta, she was surrounded by an extended musical family with grandparents, aunts and uncles and dozens of cousins. (CONTINUED in "Who's Who" Section)

  • Walter Harris head shot

    Walter Harris

    as Second Musician

    (vocals, guitar, banjo, harmonica) Walter is a native Atlantan, retired history teacher and current debate coach. A local folk musician, he has been playing various styles of traditional music around the Atlanta area for several decades. (CONTINUED in "Who's Who" Section)

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