Cabbagetown: 3 Women... an Oral History Play with Music - September 13 - September 22, 2019

The Patch Works Art & History Center


As a community museum, The Patch Works Art & History Center could not put on this amazing production without the hard work and generosity of our board members, technical staff, donors, sponsors, advertisers and all our awesome volunteers. We believe that community theater represents all people, and that is why The Patch Works is proud to host the first play in the Joyce Brookshire Amphitheater. Our cast and crew have been working hard to make the production of Cabbagetown: 3 Women, an Oral History Play with Music sensational.


The Patch Works Art & History Center would like to thank the following people and organizations for making this production so special:


  • The Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta for funding this historical play.
  • NP Voice LLC for your guidance over the past year and for helping The Patch Works navigate sponsorships.
  • R. Cary and Brenda Bynum for giving us your blessing to remount your play Cabbagetown: 3 Women and re-introducing the history of our beloved neighborhood to the Cabbagetown community and surrounding communities.
  • Pam Durban for being instrumental in the publication of Cabbagetown Families, Cabbagetown Food. The original play and the re-mounting of the play could not have happened without your vision and this cookbook.
  • Foxfire Fund, Inc. for so many things: recording Joyce, publishing various books (as well as this play), and for keeping the stories of Appalachia alive.
  • Elise Witt for putting on paper the music in Joyce's head, so that the world might enjoy her music forever. And for helping us at The Patch Works so many times.
  • Sarah Knight, Karen Tanner, and Kim Cohran for your enthusiastic and honest portrayal of the original Cabbagetown: 3 Women - Aunt Beadie, Lila, and Effie.
  • Barbara Panter-Connah and Walter Harris for your beautiful music and voices.
  • The Patch Works Board of Directors for your continued support.
  • John Dirga for answering numerous questions about the play’s permit.
  • Adam Edge and Shannon Teal for helping us construct a bridge between today's Cabbagetown residents and Originals. #EdgeStrong!
  • CNIA and CICDC for working with us to put on this play - Chelsea Arkin (CNIA President), Evan Williams (CICDC Representative), Dr. Ed Laurent (former Vice President of The Patch Works), Katie Butler and Steve Seachrist (Cabbagetown neighbors and music gurus), James Kelly (Community Concert Series Ambassador for Cabbagetown Park), John Dirga (NPU-N Chair, Cabbagetown neighbor, and Secretary of The Patch Works), Dan Thompson (former Treasurer of The Patch Works).
  • Liz Mytinger Illustration for creating the play sponsorship package.
  • Cherry Del Rosario Graphic Design for submitting your design for our t-shirt contest (and winning) and creating our souvenir Cabbagetown: 3 Women poster.
  • Milltown Tavern for providing libations and being a continued supporter of The Patch Works.
  • Creature Comforts for providing refreshing beer.
  • Montane Sparkling Spring Water and Callaway Blue Spring Water for keeping all of us hydrated.
  • Agave Restaurant for providing the vessels with which we can consume the aformentioned beverages



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