Rumors - June 01 - June 04, 2021

The Stage TLV

 Who's Who 

  • Rivka Deray head shot

    Rivka Deray

    as Chris Gorman

    Rivka Deray fell in love with acting via the theater, and is so excited to debut with The Stage in Rumors as Chris Gorman. Previously, she played Hannah Senesh, Madame in Rodger's and Hammerstein's Cinderella, and Phoebe in Shakespeare's As You Like It, among other roles on stage and in film. When she isn't acting, Rivka enjoys building a computer game and indulging in the occasional existential crisis.

  • Mishael Batashvily head shot

    Mishael Batashvily

    as Ken Gorman

    Mishael Batashvily is a quasi-professional improviser (Total earnings to date: 78 ILS), most recently played "Roee" in The Stage's "Roee and Gal" (where he was covered in tahini during the dress rehearsal). He enjoys finding genies in bottles in his free time (he currently has 2 wishes to spare).

  • Polina Fradkin head shot

    Polina Fradkin

    as Claire Ganz

    Polina Fradkin, was born in Siberia and raised in Michigan, which, to her dismay, wasn't any warmer. After graduating from the University of Michigan, she completed a Fulbright Research Fellowship in Israel. Her research centered around Israeli music. Since then Polina has committed aliyah and — to her grandmother’s chagrin — has no plans to return. Outside of her job as a TikTok star at a startup, Polina manages a jazz band called the Nigun Quartet. She enjoys salsa dancing, cleaning, reading, writing, and cooking for mass amounts of people. For more information please contact her mother.

  • Jonathan Farache head shot

    Jonathan Farache

    as Lenny Ganz

    Jona Farache is a guy. He will be playing the role of Lenny Ganz in RUMORS. His middle and high school years were spent doing a ton of theatre, which naturally led him to a career as a software developer. Now he does improv and eats mangos when he can.

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