Trial on the Potomac, The Impeachment of Richard Nixon - August 04 - September 04, 2021

Trial on the Potomac LLC

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John Tantillo, Ph.D., is a nationally known branding/marketing expert who is seen weekly on Newsmax TV, where he is a contributor. In addition to his television appearances, his opinion column “The Marketing and Branding Lens” analyzes the topics of the day using these two essential disciplines.He is also responsible for naming many brands familiar to the public, which includes The O’Reilly Factor and Trial on the Potomac.  His advice on how to differentiate brands based on client benefits is his signature calling card. In addition to his extensive work in marketing, Dr. Tantillo is a full-time professor of Marketing and Management at Touro Lander College for Men in Kew Gardens Hills, NY.  He is the author of "People Buy Brands, Not Companies,” and the Udemy course "Go Brand Yourself!" You can subscribe to his YouTube Chanel at John Tantillo, The Marketing Doctor, and at Tantillo received his doctorate in Applied Research Psychology from Hofstra University and has worked on local/national campaigns. His work as an art director/creative officer won him many industry awards. He considers himself an evolving brand and uses his pet phrase—ABB,  Always Be Branding, to describe this dynamic marketing process.


Lisa Regina has worked as a professional Actress, Acting Coach & Casting Director in NYC for over 28 years.  Her tv/film credits on IMDB include, The Sopranos, All My Children, nat’l commercial campaigns for Delta Sky Miles, Macy’s and she was the on-air host for the Maxwell Football Awards. Lisa studied at NT University in the School of Ed Theatre and NYU’s Tisch School for the Performing Arts. She taught at the NYC American Academy of Dramatic Arts.  Lisa coaches tv/film actors across the country via Zoom & monthly workshops. Her actor's success stories include Jaden Michael -Netflix ‘Vampires vs. The Bronx’, ‘Blue Bloods’ ‘Colin in Black & White, Michael Mazzeo “GEICO’S Marco Polo, Cameron Ocasio- Nickelodeon’s ‘Sam & Cat.’ Lisa has a love to serve our Military Community through her film productions, ‘Heroic Episodes’ which consist of Veterans, working as consultants and crew. Heroic Episodes provides a platform for all Veterans to share their stories, offering a universal message of hope and healing. Lisa is the founder of a domestic violence non-profit, 501C3, A Write to Heal, Inc., and has presented as an international keynote speaker for the YWCA Washington, D.C. and Zurich, Switzerland Women’s World Council.


Harlan Boll ( is an independent publicist, specializing in literary, personality, theatre, music, event, and non-profit PR. A partial list of archived and active clients include a who's who of contemporary and classic stage, TV and film personalities, as well as The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (Daytime EMMY® Awards), The estate of the late Mr. Blackwell, Bob Hope/Bob Hope Enterprises, Inc./The Bob Hope Legacy, The Hollywood Museum and Milt Larsen/Magic Castle, Inc. In addition, Harlan/BHBPR works with; The ROAR Foundation/Shambala Preserve, The Jose Iturbi Foundation, The National Association to PROTECT Children and has served as a special PR advisor to The Smithsonian Institution.



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