Trial on the Potomac, The Impeachment of Richard Nixon - August 04 - September 04, 2021

Trial on the Potomac LLC


Cast members in order of appearance  
Geoff Shepard, Nixon Atty.  
Nick Mauldin  
James Flug, Kennedy Aide  
Christopher Rojas  
Senator Edward (Ted) Kennedy  
Richard Wingert  
Diane Sawyer, CBS News Reporter  
Kelsey Lea Jones  
President Richard M. Nixon  
Rich Little  
Peter Rodino, Lead Prosecutor  
Tom Gregory  
Phil Lacovara, Sp. Prosecutor  
Chris Lazzaro  
James St. Clair, Lead Nixon Atty.  
Troy Sill  
Sergeant At Arms  
Trevor Crane  
Chief Justice Warren Burger  
Paul Caliendo  
Gordon Liddy, Convicted Burglar  
John Ramaine  
John Dean, Former Nixon Atty.  
Matthew Hammond  
John Sirica, Watergate Trial Judge  
Victor Colicchio  
Leon Jaworski, Sp. Prosecutor  
James C. Gavin  
H.R. Haldeman, Fmr. Chief of Staff  
Trevor Crane  
Jack Shanahan  
All characters are based on real historical figures who played a prominent role in the Watergate scandal. Their portrayal here is fictional - but the evidence presented by the defense is based on real documents.  And every piece of evidence has been corroborated -- absolutely -- to be true. That's our pact with the audience.


SETTING - August 8, 1974
The Watergate burglars were convicted a year and a half ago, in Jan. of 1973. Since then, many of the President's men have been indicted or convicted. Tonight, in a nationwide address from the Oval Office, President Richard Milhous Nixon is expected to announce his resignation.





No Intermission

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