Trial on the Potomac, The Impeachment of Richard Nixon - August 04 - September 04, 2021

Trial on the Potomac LLC
Trial on the Potomac LLC in association with George Bugatti, Geoff Shepard, Michael Guccione, and Edmund Gaynes 
The Impeachment of Richard Nixon
by George Bugatti
Based on the bookThe Real Watergate Scandal, by Geoff Shepard 


Rich Little



Set Design

Josh Iacovelli


 Technical Consultants

Geoff Shepard/

Judge Andrew Napolitano



Shea Arender


Public Relations

Harlan Boll


Lighting Design 

John Lant 


 Music Underscore

George Bugatti/

Steve Rawlins



General Manager 

Jessimeg Prods.

Edmund Gaynes

Costume Design

Jennie West 




Lisa Regina


Associate Producers

Cheryl and Alan Priven,

Sandy Mcguire,

Jerry Rosenberg,

Adam Smith Jr.

Directed by

Josh Iacovelli


  Paul Caliendo                                                             Nick Mauldin
  Victor Colicchio                                                    Christopher Rojas
  James C. Gavin                                                        John Ramaine
  Tom Gregory                                                                    Troy Sill
  Matthew Hammond                                                      Trevor Crane
  Kelsey Lea Jones               Chris Lazzaro                Richard Wingert

Production Stage Manager - Aurora Winger

                 Assistant Stage Manager - Alexa Sacks-Wilner             

             Legal - Peter Breger/Steve Primak        

            Graphics - Irvin Productions                   Web Design - Mynerdywebguy 

Projection Design - George Bugatti/Mynerdywebguy
Sound Design - INS & OUTS, Ray Schilke