Alice in Wonderland - January 07 - January 08, 2022

Trinity School of Durham and Chapel Hill

  Cast & Creative  

Cast (In order of appearance)  
Cheshire Cat / Mad Hatter / Two of Hearts  
Katherine Prost  
Cook / Seven of Hearts / Gryphon  
Thomson Falk  
Mouse / March Hare / Queen of Hearts  
Brooke Pike  
Fish Footman / Dormouse / King of Hearts  
Gabrielle Bagley  
Duchess / Knave of Hearts / Mock Turtle  
Emma Little  
White Rabbit / Frog Footman  
Kate Salemson  
Annie Friesen  
Production / Creative  
Carrie Sippy  
Stage Manager  
Annie DeGuzman  
Sound Design  
Jeff Miller  
Abbe Fralix  
Livestream Technician  
Kym Gardner  
Technical Support  
Nathan Clendenin  

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