Alice in Wonderland - January 07 - January 08, 2022

Trinity School of Durham and Chapel Hill


  • Katherine Prost head shot

    Katherine Prost

    as Cheshire Cat / Mad Hatter / Two of Hearts

    Katherine Prost, age 18 and a senior at Trinity, is ecstatic to play the Mad Hatter, Cheshire Cat, and Two of Hearts in the first ever Advanced Performance Theatre production of Alice in Wonderland. Katherine has been a part of Trinity plays since seventh grade and hopes to continue her theatrical journey in college. Previously she has embodied such roles as Marmee (Little Women), Daisy the Maid, Lucy, the German Maid, and the Irish Nurse (Ken Ludwig's Baskerville: A Sherlock Holmes Mystery), the Russian Professor (Get Smart), and the Ghost of Christmas Present (A Christmas Carol). Katherine loves trying her hand at elaborate accents and crazy new characters. She has genuinely thrived while playing the Mad Hatter and has put great care into every aspect of the show. Katherine would like to thank her parents and close friends for their support and her incredible co-actors for their exceptional work. Cheers to her very last play at Trinity!

  • Thomson Falk head shot

    Thomson Falk

    as Cook / Seven of Hearts / Gryphon

    Thomson Falk is delighted to be performing Alice in Wonderland this semester. As a triple threat of the Cook, the Gryphon, and the Seven of Hearts, there is no doubt that he is excited to show all sides of his personality in this wondrous play. Given that he is a senior, Thomson knows that he does not have so many performances left, so he is taking advantage of every moment and has enjoyed the presence of his fellow cast members as well as his teacher. Thomson wants to thank his fellow cast, his family, and his teacher for providing this opportunity, and he hopes you enjoy the show! Off to Wonderland!

  • Gabrielle Bagley head shot

    Gabrielle Bagley

    as Fish Footman / Dormouse / King of Hearts

    Gabrielle Bagley is thrilled to be playing the roles of the King of Hearts, the Dormouse, and the Fish Footman in this year's Trinity Upper School play, Alice in Wonderland. Gabby is a sophomore this year who loves playing sports and acting. Her dream has been to be an actress ever since she was little. Gabby’s favorite part of school is getting to play new and interesting characters on stage, and then going to play with her team in volleyball or basketball.

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