Alice in Wonderland - January 07 - January 08, 2022

Trinity School of Durham and Chapel Hill

  Cast & Creative  

Cast (in order of appearance)  
Cheshire Cat / Mad Hatter / Two of Hearts  
Katherine Prost  
Cook / Seven of Hearts / Gryphon  
Thomson Falk  
Mouse / March Hare / Queen of Hearts  
Brooke Pike  
Fish Footman / Dormouse / King of Hearts  
Gabrielle Bagley  
Duchess / Knave of Hearts / Mock Turtle  
Emma Little  
White Rabbit / Frog Footman  
Kate Salemson  
Annie Friesen  
Production / Creative  
Carrie Sippy  
Stage Manager  
Annie DeGuzman  
Stage Manager  
Savannah Hicks  
Sound Design  
Jeff Miller  
Abbe Fralix  
Photography and Videography  
Nathan Clendenin  
Event Support  
Janet Ray  
Event Coordinator  
Linzy Kurien  
Lynn Hand  

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