The Prom School Edition - November 16 - November 18, 2023

University Prep

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Director Notes: 

This show is dedicated to all the queer kids that don't feel like they belong. The kids whose families that just don’t get it yet. The kids who haven’t found their tribe. This show is for all of you, and my younger self. I’m so proud of this cast and crew. Please enjoy their extraordinary talents. 
  Abby Nathan


Technical Director Notes:

This was such a special show to work on for my first production here at UPrep.  The students in Stagecraft put their hearts into their different areas of design, and I believe you will see that in the show tonight.  I have a saying in Educational Theatre,  "It is about the Process, not the Product."  That is true of every show, and our students have truly grown and progressed in their knowledge of theatre, building, critical thinking and design.  This may be my teacher bias coming through, but I believe too that the product you are about to see is absolutely stellar.  Come back for more of our productions to see how your favorite Tech students progress and grow. 

-Leroy Timblin

  Technical Director


Musical Direction Notes:

I am honored to work with such amazing cast, crew and fellow teachers for my first year at UPrep. I bring to UPrep years of experience playing and directing bands for a wide variety of productions, including off-broadway shows and Seattle’s ACT Theater. There is magic in this particular story, and the group of humans bringing this story to life. The story is inspired by Constance McMillen and I encourage you all to learn more about her and her prom in Mississippi in 2010. I have nothing but gratitude for Mr. Lewis for his extensive help with the sound. Thank you so much to our volunteer student musicians Alicia and Duncan in the orchestra! I look forward to the Middle School musical in the spring!

-Marina Christopher

  Music Director


Choreographer Notes:

In after school rehearsals, over the course of 6 weeks, I worked with the talented cast of The Prom to set, rehearse and fine tune choreography for the show. Students developed movement to support their characters and the cast memorized many, many counts of 8! You will see classic kick lines, a sweet waltz, choreography with nods to Bob Fosse, and of course, high energy dance phrases. There are 15 songs that include movement in the show. It was no simple task, but with dedication, practice and determination, we are now ready to wow you with our jazz hands and sparkle fingers. I hope you enjoy the show!

-Jess Klein


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