The Prom School Edition - November 16 - November 18, 2023

University Prep

 Who's Who 

  • Nico Arabian (Sheldon)

    is hyped to be Sheldon! Nico enjoys singing, drawing, and playing video games. He has also played Vlad Vladikoff in Seussical rather recently. Nico wants to thank his friends, family, the tech crew, and Mx. Abby. 

  • Eleena Bhalla (Ensemble)

    is excited to be part of the ensemble. She loves to sing and dance! Past shows; Lavender in Matilda, Schroeder in You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown. Thank you!

  • Sophia Cao (Kevin)

    is excited to be Kevin in Prom the Musical. Sophia loves Taylor Swift, singing and playing instruments, and being with friends and family. Her past shows include; Matilda: Matilda, ensemble; Twelfth Night: Sebastian; You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown: Sally Brown; Julius Caesar: Culpurnia; The Wizard of Oz: ensemble. Thank you to friends, family, the wonderful cast of The Prom, and everyone who has worked to put this musical together. Dude Nice!

  • Mac Chandler (Barry Glickman)

    is a freshman who loves singing, acting, and dancing. His previous roles include Charlie Brown from You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown as well as the escapologist in Matilda and very shortly Barry Glickman in tonight's show of The Prom. Sit back and we hope you enjoy the show. 

  • Anthony Chavez-Cruz (Nick)

    is so excited to be playing Nick in The Prom. His past roles were Sky in Mamma Mia and Aladdin in Aladdin. Anthony is thankful for his wonderful teachers that have helped him along the way and his peers at school who are extremely supportive of him. He’s also thankful for his family supporting his theatrical career. Thank you for coming to watch the show! 

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