A Christmas Carol (Linney) - November 21 - November 23, 2019

Wellington C Mepham High School


In order of appearance  
Ebenezer Scrooge  
Tyler Weinstein  
Bob Cratchit  
Benjamin Checkla  
Fred, Scrooge's nephew  
Spencer Astrow  
Gentleman #1/Suitor #1/Businessman #2  
Matthew Singh  
Gentleman #2/Businessman #1  
August Bresnaider  
Aliza Kazmi  
Caroline's Husband/Fezziwig  
Cole Langan  
Jacob Marley/Old Joe  
Rian DeLucia  
The Ghost of Christmas Past  
Chloe Henderson  
Orson, Scrooge's schoolmate  
Valentine, Scrooge's schoolmate  
Scrooge as a Boy  
Fan, Scrooge's sister  
Candace Casimir  
Scrooge as a Young Man  
Chris Ates  
Mrs. Fezziwig  
Joy DelGiorno  
Kayleigh Carlin  
Fezziwig Daughter #1  
Victoria O'Shea  
Fezziwig Daughter #2/Lucy, Julia's sister  
Gianna DiPrima  
Fezziwig Daughter #3  
Asia Vergatos  
Suitor #2/Businessman #3  
Adam Barbera  
Suitor #3  
Dale Baker  
The Ghost of Christmas Present  
Aiden McCormack  
Mrs. Cratchit  
Eimaan Khan  
Peter Cratchit  
Belinda Cratchit  
Gillian Cratchit  
Miranda Cratchit  
Martha Cratchit  
Amelia Mandato  

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