A Christmas Carol (Linney) - November 21 - November 23, 2019

Wellington C Mepham High School


In order of first appearance  
Ebenezer Scrooge  
Tyler Weinstein  
Bob Cratchit  
Benjamin Checkla  
Fred, Scrooge's nephew  
Spencer Astrow  
Gentleman #1/Suitor #1/Businessman #2  
Matthew Singh  
Gentleman #2/Businessman #1  
August Bresnaider  
Caroler/Peter Cratchit, the second eldest  
Oliver Mattes  
Aliza Kazmi  
Caroline's Husband/Fezziwig  
Cole Langan  
Jacob Marley/Old Joe  
Rian DeLucia  
The Ghost of Christmas Past  
Chloe Henderson  
Orson/Ignorance/Gopher #1  
Julian Fiderer  
Valentine/Want/Gopher #2  
Nora Fiderer  
Scrooge as a Boy  
Jesse Pincus  
Fan, Scrooge's sister  
Candace Casimir  
Scrooge as a Young Man  
Chris Ates  
Mrs. Fezziwig  
Joy DelGiorno  
Kayleigh Carlin  
Fezziwig Daughter #1  
Victoria O'Shea  
Fezziwig Daughter #2/Lucy, Julia's sister  
Gianna DiPrima  
Fezziwig Daughter #3  
Maria Torres  
Suitor #2/Businessman #3  
Adam Barbera  
Suitor #3  
Dale Baker  
The Ghost of Christmas Present  
Aiden McCormack  
Mrs. Emily Cratchit  
Eimaan Khan  
Belinda Cratchit, the third eldest  
Sameena Partap  
Gillian Cratchit, the fourth eldest  
Casey McClenahan  
Miranda Cratchit, the fifth eldest  
Carah McClenahan  
Martha Cratchit, the eldest child  
Amelia Mandato  

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