A Christmas Carol (Linney) - November 21 - November 23, 2019

Wellington C Mepham High School


Special Thanks


Mr. Eric Gómez, Principal

Dr. Jennifer Carne, Assistant Principal

Mr. Andrew DelRosario, Assistant Principal

Mr. Christopher Safina, Assistant Principal

Ms. Mary Donnelly, English Department Chairperson

Ms. Theresa Dell'Olio, Special Education Chairperson

Ms. Cheryl Fontana, Director of Fine and Performing Arts

Mr. Charlie Pennington, Head Custodian, and his entire custodial staff

Mr. Jack Comiskey, Chief of Security, and his vigilant security team

Ms. Peggy Schroeder, Administrative Assistant to the Principal

Ms. Karen Ponton, G.O. Account Superviser

Ms. Liz Kiel, Ms. Debbie O'Sullivan, & Ms. Lillian Varacalli, Main Office Staff

Ms. Guadalupe Olmos-Galasso & Ms. Loraine Pfeffer, Attendance Office Staff

Ms. Kelly Desmond, Art Department

Ms. Marybeth Vetro

Ms. Kerry Dennis & Ms. Shari Stack, Mepham HS Instagram

John Shorter, Prop Rentals NY

Thea Sieban, TS Innovations & Design

Bobby Newman and Laura McKinnon Long Island Trading Post

Bellmore-Merrick United Secondary Teachers (BMUST)

Mepham Fine Arts Parent Association (FAPA)

Maria and Ray Amara

Debi Astrow

Pat Baker

Francine Berman

Carrie Bilitzki

Vin and Leslie Bresnaider

Iris Carlotti

Dan Checkla

Jason J. Chu

Matt Corless

Marianna DeAngelis

Miana DeLucia

Joe DePascale

Anna Fiderer, Administrative Assistant, Counseling Center

Helen Florio

Joanna Gallagher

Edward Sr. and Diane Grosskreuz

Val Kasper

Dina and Mike Langer

Dan and Joanna Laverty

Rebecca Levy

Vickie Mandato

Lee Mattes, Science Department

Tina McClenahan, Math Department

Margreit McInnis

Danielle McNeil, World Languages Department

Tony Melfa and Elisa Karnis

Lee Millheiser-Benson

Neeru Partap, Science Department

Gregory and Veronica Penny

Jeanette Pincus, Music Department

Donna Rooney

Michelle Stein

Jenny Walsh

BookTix, My Hero, The Printing Emporium, Vincenzo's Pizzeria

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