All Together Now! - November 12 - November 13, 2021

Weston Friendly Society of the Performing Arts


Our sincere thanks to the following individuals, donors, and organizations for their indispensable assistance:


Leon Gaumond, Town Manager

Lisa Yanakakis, Assistant Town Manager

Kara Fleming

Kelly Pawluczonek, Public Health Director, Town of Weston

Greg Corcoran, Weston Town Hall

Weston Town Hall Officials and Staff

Weston Fire Department

Weston Police Department

Weston Board of Selectmen

Weston PTO

Front of House Volunteers

Brian Higgins

Douglas Keene


.......and the countless others who help and support us in so many ways!!!




A very special thanks to Weston Media Center for their generosity in making our Live Stream possible for All Together Now!

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