Much Ado About Nothing - September 11 - September 19, 2021

Wishing Well Theatre Inc


The Military*  
Don Pedro, a military officer  
Doran Berger  
Don John, his bastard brother  
Dryden Zurawski  
Claudio, a newly promoted officer  
Jalen Wilson-Nelem  
Benedick, a soldier  
Ricky Philippi  
Philip, a soldier  
Philip Kautz  
Members of the Estate Vineyard  
Leonato, owner of the estate  
Anthony Guest  
Hero, daughter of Leonato  
Destiny Dunn  
Beatrice, niece of Leonato  
Rebecca Philippi  
Antonio, brother of Leonato  
Phillip Barnhart  
Ursula, housekeeper to Leonato and Antonio  
Nada Radakovich  
Margaret, companion to Hero and Beatrice  
Mary Paige Rieffel  
Borachio, estate worker, friend of Don John  
Merek Alam  
Conrade, estate worker, friend of Don John  
Edmund Alyn Jones  
Local Citizens  
Father Francis  
Phil Ward  
Dogberry, local constable  
Karen Sheridan  
Verges, Dogberry's assistant  
Robert McGowan  
Sexton, town official  
Paul Dolza  
Watchman 1  
Jon Coggins  
Watchman 2  
Brian Haggard  







*We thank all members of our armed forces for their service. The military in our play are intentionally vague, and not meant to represent any actual unit, American or otherwise.

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