Much Ado About Nothing - September 11 - September 19, 2021

Wishing Well Theatre Inc


Carolyn Gillespie  
Scenic Designer  
Doug Mueller  
Karen Whittaker  
Stage Manager  
Katherine Nelson  
Costume Designer  
Mya Frappier  
Assistant Stage Manager/Interim Stage Manager/Sound Engineer  
Logan Neubecker  
Fight Director  
Anthony Guest  
Assistant Choreographer  
Christine Eaton  
Original Music  
Russell Gillespie  
Sound Designer/Stagehand  
Andy Philippi  
Props Master  
Rodney Green  
Music Consultant  
Silvie Zamora  
COVID Compliance Officer/Props Assistant  
Belva Quiroz-Tyrell  
Producer/President of Wishing Well Theatre Inc  
Rebecca Philippi  
Producer/Artistic Director of Wishing Well Theatre Inc  
Ricky Philippi  


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