AROUND THE WORLD IN 8 PLAYS - December 08 - December 10, 2022

Daniel Hand High School

 A Word From the Director 




I often think of a play as born with a writer, who puts it in the hands of a director, who turns it over to the actors, who then give it to an audience. From a play to a production to a performance—like a gift passed through and shared among a community. AROUND THE WORLD IN 8 PLAYS is about a community – where cast and crew combine and then invite the audience to join them in this zany tour of stories from across the world.  Have you ever wondered how people in different countries and from different cultures celebrate the wonder of storytelling?  Well, here’s. your answer – Daniel Hand High School HANDS ON STAGE players are about to take you on a journey!


You will find yourself traveling across the globe from Czechoslovakia to Ireland, South Africa to India, and many more. If you pay attention, you will meet witches, goats, dimos, magic bags of rice, tree-rooters, half princes and whole kings, and witness heroic battles, chases, and epic fails. Be prepared to use your imagination while enjoying these bigger-than-life stories. You'll even find some singing, dancing, and the occasional flying horse on a stick. Oh, and if you happen to see the little old ladies who are embroidering a handkerchief, don’t hold your breath. They will certainly leave you in stitches!


Thanks to an amazing cast, crew and creative team – with the support of DHHS’s administration, faculty and athletic directors – we are proud to present to you:




Joy Grabow

Artistic Director

DHHS Hands on Stage Players


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