AROUND THE WORLD IN 8 PLAYS - December 08 - December 10, 2022

Daniel Hand High School

 CAST Who's Who 


Emilie Agamie (Katarina/Maiden 3/Older sister 1/suns Sister/PHS Queen 1/Pigeon/Villager 1/Dragon King) is a Junior at Daniel Hand High School and is very excited to be a part of her first Hand production. Her list of stage successes includes James and the Giant Peach, Legally Blonde, and the lead in Newsies. She has a passion for singing in many genres such as broadway, sacred music, and especially opera. She also enjoys dancing, painting, and sailing. She would like to dedicate her performance to family, friends and all who support her throughout her theater journey!


Avery Belcher (youngest sister/storyteller/yara) Is a freshman at Daniel Hand.  This is her first production with Hands On Stage, and she is so excited to perform with her peers.  Avery has enjoyed theatre since she was young, particularly her roles as Beth in Little Women, Perkins in The Play that goes Wrong, and Mrs. Teevee in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  Outside of theatre, she likes to spend time with her dog Biscuit and play piano and violin.  She would like to thank the rest of the cast, crew, and directors for such a great show.


Alayna Grenier (Iliana/Ivan Queen//Leinster Band/Owl Mother) is a sophomore and excited to be in her 4th production with Hands on Stage. She was part of Newsies as a 7th grader, loved playing Yvette in Clue last fall, and played multiple rolls in Rent with comedic flair in the spring. She loves all things artistic and can be found singing and dancing in Vibe, singing in choir, and sculpting the most amazing animals in pottery. Thank you to Joy, Ms. Stone, and fellow cast and crew members for being like a family in her second home on stage. Break a leg everyone!


Abby Hummel (Maria/Yanachek/Decrepit Woman 1/Young Woman 1/Villager 2/Leinster Guard 2) is making her Hands on Stage debut! She’d like to thank everyone for making this such a fun experience.


Danielle Luongo ( Prince half a son, queen/ little girl, devil, goat/older sister/guard) is a Junior at DHHS, and this is her 3rd DHHS production. Besides acting, she likes to sing, color, and sprint in track. She would like to thank Joy, Ms. Stone, and the cast and crew for making this all happen. She would also like to thank her family and friends for supporting her in all the plays. Danielle is so excited for the performance and wishes everybody luck! 


Ava Maisano (Older Sister Two/Natasha/PHS Queen 3/Snake/Storyteller's Wife) is a junior at Daniel Hand High School and this is her third performance with Hands on Stage.  In previous productions at Hand, she has played Mrs. Peacock in Clue (2021)  and the Innkeeper, waitress, and usherette in The 39 Steps (2020). Other than acting, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, playing with her dogs outside, reading, and playing the piano. Ava wishes the cast and crew of Around the World in 8 Plays to break a leg. She also hopes you enjoy the show! 


Alex Marino (Man/Palace Guard/Faqir/Sibling 2)  is a junior at Hand and is very excited to participate in his fourth production!  When he's not swimming and watching anime videos he is listening to his favorite music artists and their new music and playing with his dog Pixie.  He wants to thank Ms. Grabow for her incredible patience and has loved every minute of pulling these performances together. He wishes the rest of the cast and crew the best of luck!



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