AROUND THE WORLD IN 8 PLAYS - December 08 - December 10, 2022

Daniel Hand High School


Cast Members  
Katarina/Maiden 3/Older sister 1/suns Sister/PHS Queen 1/Pigeon/Villager 1/Dragon King  
Emilie Agamie  
Young Boy/goat/Youngest Sister/King in Prince Ivan and Decrepit Woman 2/Young Woman 2/Yara/PHS Princess/Story-teller  
Avery Belcher  
Iliana/Ivan Queen//Leinster Band/Owl Mother  
Alayna Grenier  
Maria/Yanachek/Decrepit Woman 1/Young Woman 1/Villager 2/Leinster Guard 2  
Abby Hummel  
Little Girl/goat/Older sister 3/PHS Queen 2/Leinster Guard 1  
Danielle Luongo  
Natasha/Older sister 2/PHS Queen 3 / Snake / Storyteller's wife  
Ava Maisano  
Man/Palace Guard/Faqir/Sibling 2  
Alex Marino  
Boris/Maiden 1/Dimo/Ivan King/Palace Guard/King Leinster/Big Owl  
Matt Stella  
Asher/Old Man/Villager/Old Caretaker/sibling 1 and 3/Owl boy/Leinster Band  
Eloise Strabley  
Isabel/Water/Ivan Witch/PHS King 2/Dragon Family/Julia  
Emma Strait  
Thomas/Maiden 2/Old woman/Tree Rooter/Half a son/Beggarman/ Alonzo  
Blake Volenec  
Bernardo/Prince Ivan/Grandmother/King 1 and King 2/Owl Father/Hidesato  
Theo Zucconi  

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