Matilda The Musical - January 31 - February 09, 2020

Friendswood High School

 theatre production team 

Student Assistant Director and Stage Manager  
Margaret Otto  
Asstistant to the Stage Manager  
Ashleigh Prince  
Lighting Designers  
Jackson Clary and Meg Dodson
Moving Light Robotic Programmer  
Meg Dodson  
Lighting Console Operator  
Jackson Clary  
Production Sound Engineering  
James Nelson  
Assistants to Sound Engineer  
Ashleigh Prince, Maddie Schatzke, Jaila Parsons
Theatrical Safety Managers  
Ethan Evans, Margaret Otto, Soleil Gignac
Set Design Team  
Soleil Gignac, Ethan Evans, Keana Jazdyk
Construction Carpentry Head  
Ethan Evans  
Projection Engineer and Operator  
Gabriela Weakley  
Scenic Paint Head  
Keana Jazdyk  
Scenic Paint Artists and Design  
Soleil Gignac, Keana Jazdyk, Gabriela Weakley, Ashleigh Prince
Property and Special Effects Design  
Ethan Evans, Soleil Gignac, Gabriela Weakley
Property Master  
Tara Ryan, Skylynn Smith
Wig and Hair  
Jana Ryan, Andrew Long
Makeup Crew  
Jocelyn Pitman, Andrew Long, Skylnn Smith
Stage Right Head  
Ethan Evans  
Stage Right Running Crew  
Dylan Habibi, Jonathan Laurents, Zachary Otto, Braeden Sauer, Kris Torres, Coy White
Stage Left Head  
Soleil Gignac  
Stage Left Running Crew  
Spencer Jones, Braden Mabry, Hunter McIlveen, Brandon Rodgers, Joel Love
Environmental Special Effects  
Nathan Turnbaugh and Skylynn Smith
Spotlight Operators  
Max Bischoff and Mariafernanda Gutierrez
Costume – Wardrobe Head  
Jana Ryan  
Assistant to Costumes  
Andrew Long  
Technical Rehearsal Assistant  
Jocelyn Pittman  



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