Friday Knight Live 2021 - February 13 - February 14, 2021

John Champe HS


This Production would only be possible through the incredible efforts of the following individuals: 


The JCHS Theatre Boosters: 

 Nikki Ellis, Caryl White,  Kimberly Vlasto, Jaime Haines, Lisa Montgomery, Andrea Carroll and Jen Trent 


Our Administration Team at JCHS: 

Kevin Tyson, Alycia Hakes, Solomon Wright, Melissa Sargeant, Tara Woolever, Davinia Johnson, David Scott


Our Bookkeeper: 

Rita Giampaoli


Our Fine Arts Specialist: 

Mark Rogers


Our Fine Arts Supervisor: 

Michael Pierson


Our Fine Arts Team at JCHS: 

Adam Foreman, Director of Bands

Jason Miller, Director of Bands

Melanie Robison, Director of Choir

Eun Bit Seo, Director of Orchestra

Brittany Ebhardt, Director of Visual Arts

Regina Butler, Director of Visual Arts


One of our amazing Champe librarians, Sarah Anderson, for her creation of Show Art of 2020-2021 School Year


Reston Shirts for creation of FKL 2021 Marketing Art 


My incredible family and friends who keep me going! 


and finally, our audience. Thank you for your support!

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