Friday Knight Live 2021 - February 13 - February 14, 2021

John Champe HS


Cast Members  
Brooklyn (Through Bars), Sammie (Face Your Fear) and Jordan (FKL 2021)  
Katie Meeker  
Luke (Through Bars), Louis (10 Calls), Tester (Social), Devon (Face your Fears)  
Jesse White  
Parker (Through Bars), Tester (Social) and Devon (Face your Fears)  
Syd Strange  
Chase (Through Bars), Jordan (Face your Fears), Max (Confessional), Covid Police (FKL 2021)  
Cameron Montgomery  
Lane (10 Calls) and Aya (Confessional)  
Sadie Tye  
Bruno (10 Calls), Co-Verge (Social), Daryon (Confessional), and Graham (FKL 2021)  
Ethan Porter  
Andrea (10 Calls)  
Brianna Conley  
Mandy (10 Calls) and SRO/Michael/James (People to Throw Hands With)  
Zoya Javaid  
Tester (Social) and Lainey (FKL 2021)  
Kirra Wolf  
Tester (Social), Mess (People to Throw Hands with) and Tombstone (Confessional)  
Sarah Ellis  
Tester (Social)  
Harshini Thikkalathuru  
Tester (Social), 12-year-old (People to Throw Hands with), Molly (Confessional)  
Alexis McGuffin  
Reese (Face your Fears) and Katherine (FKL 2021)  
Faith Haines  
English Teacher (People to Throw Hands with)  
Jaashvi Chandagari  
English 11 Teacher (People to Throw Hands with)  
Twinkle Shah  
Milkshake Lady (People to Throw Hands with)  
Sonya Scott  

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