Friday Knight Live 2021 - February 13 - February 14, 2021

John Champe HS

 End Notes 

Dear Avalon Family, 


        Thank you for joining us for our Winter Mainstage! We began Friday Knight Live in 2013 and it was founded off the ideas of "Director's Fest" as JMU which has their Senior Directing class direct their own shows as part of the course. Over the years, this has changed and grown as our company has grown into what you see on stage today. 

      This show is notoriously difficult. It involves an incredible amount of trust and patience on my part to work with seniors as writers and leaders, and it requires a great deal of confidence, patience and tenacity on the part of our students as they take on responsibilities that are new to them. 

     The class of 2021 had the additional challenge of dealing with a pandemic in the middle of all this. There were countless struggles and tears as they worked through skyrocketing numbers that shut down in-person rehearsals, to managing people they have never met in real-life, to navigating technology issues and demanding schedules. They have gone above and beyond and I am so proud of their hard work and tenacity. It's truly a marvel.

       As always, there is a tremendous number of people to thank. Thank you to our Theatre Boosters. I'd go insane without you. Thank you to our many parent volunteers working behind the scenes. Thank you to the administrations of John Champe for their support of our students. Thank you to our local community partners who dedicate time, energy and money into our shows. And finally, thank you to my amazing family. You all keep me going even when I feel like a crazy person. 


Warm Wishes, 


Nicki Cabaniss, Mentoring Director

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