Friday Knight Live 2021 - February 13 - February 14, 2021

John Champe HS

 Who's Who 

  • Katie Meeker head shot

    Katie Meeker

    as Brooklyn (Through Bars), Sammie (Face Your Fear) and Jordan (FKL 2021)

    Katie Meeker is a junior at John Champe High School, and she would just like to warn everyone to NOT TAKE AP LANG (kidding, of course. But it's been a year) 

  • Jesse White head shot

    Jesse White

    as Luke (Through Bars), Louis (10 Calls), Tester (Social), Devon (Face your Fears)

    Jesse is a current junior at JCHS and recently got his driver's license which nearly gave Cab a heart attack at his first hybrid rehearsal. 

  • Syd Strange head shot

    Syd Strange

    as Parker (Through Bars), Tester (Social) and Devon (Face your Fears)

    Hey, I'm Syd! I'm super stoked to be performing in FKL this year as a junior. I'm amazed by all the work the cast/crew members put in to make this show special despite the challenges this school year brought. I hope you enjoy the show and have a great day!! :)

  • Cameron Montgomery head shot

    Cameron Montgomery

    as Chase (Through Bars), Jordan (Face your Fears), Max (Confessional), Covid Police (FKL 2021)

    I am so excited to be a part of FKL this year! It's been interesting and challenging preparing shows in a hybrid style, but It's also been a lot of fun.

  • Sadie Tye head shot

    Sadie Tye

    as Lane (10 Calls) and Aya (Confessional)

    Sadie is a current junior at JCHS who balances her time working and terrorizing Ms. Cabaniss to make tik toks about State Farm Insurance. If you know, you know...

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