The Addams Family - January 24 - February 01, 2020

Klein Forest High School


A special thank you to the following for their contribution


Parent Booster Club

Luke & Blythe Kirkwood
Kirkwood Music Services 

Kerri Elrod


Lynda Eubanks

Joseph Macmorran


Austin Smith


Mamie Morlacci


Carlos Quiroz


Jo Cassel

Laura Causer

Heather Cummings

Jay Prieto 

Axel Juarez

Cristian Rodriguez

The Albarran Family 

Technical theatre 1 & 2 classes

Theatre Production class

Advanced Technical theatre class

Melinda Jahn


Joel Wren


Carole Mason

Klein Forest High school Administration 




"It's family first and family last, and family by and by.
When you're an Addams, you do what Addams do or..."



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