The Addams Family - January 24 - February 01, 2020

Klein Forest High School


Crew Members  
Stage Manager  
Byanka Hernandez  
Assistant Stage Manager  
Giselle Baragas  
Sound Head/ ASM  
Grant Powell  
Intern assistant stage manager  
Aiden Turrango  
Lighting Designer  
Dani Prez  
Set Designer  
Walter Baker  
Costume Co-Designer  
Rachel Segura  
Costume Co-Designer  
Makayla Hubbard  
Props Designer  
Samantha Segura  
Makeup Co-Designer  
Carla Nicto  
Makeup Co-Designer  
Aqsa Hashmi  
Sound Designer  
Christian Yani  
Publicity Head  
Zoha Mehmood  
Marketing Head  
Christopher Marquez  
Box Office Head  
Paige Gillyard  
Master Carpenter  
Jared Gomez  
Set run crew  
Christopher Gomez  
Set run crew  
Diego Gomez  
Set run crew  
Victor Reyes  
Set Run Crew  
Nicholas Romo  
Set Run Crew  
Octavio Perez  

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