The Addams Family - January 24 - February 01, 2020

Klein Forest High School

  Directors Note  

Patrons, Friends, and Family of Klein Forest Theatre,

Welcome to Klein Forest High School, and our 2020 production of The Addams Family Musical. This stage production brings to life the classic Addams characters originated by Charles Addams’ darkly humorous and macabre cartoons.
Growing up, I loved how The Addams Family managed to get through every adventure together, with passion, and Amor! it is this that truly makes the family so timeless, loveable, and a cult classic.

Tonight, the Addams deal with the biggest adventure yet; Wednesday has grown up and fallen in love. How will the Addams get through this one “normal” night? As Morticia says, “What is normal for the spider, is a calamity for the fly.” Gloom is disrupted, secrets are kept, and Wednesday is.....SMILING. Just like the Addams, I hope you take with you the importance of being your true self; remaining adventurous and passionate.  


I would like to take this moment to personally thank a few individuals. First, my colleagues, to whom without, this production would not be complete. Samantha Segura (Technical Direction), Walter Baker (Technical Direction), Richard Gaukin (Conduction), Mason Coats  (Band Direction), Anna Schermerhorn (Vocal Direction) and Kandi Poole (Vocal Direction); your attention to excellence across your area of Fine Arts is truly inspirational and are deeply rooted in the DNA of this production. Thank you for your commitment and endless collaboration. To our biggest supporter and theatre administrator, Dr. Pamela Breaux; thank you for all your support and investment in the growth of our Theatre Artists. Creativity and confidence only thrive in a climate where our students feel safe, supported, and challenged; and this production is a beautiful example of that success. Lastly, I would like to thank my husband and family for your endless support, late nights, and for understanding the joy it brings me to see our Klein Forest Eagle Ensemble soar.



Tonight’s performance is dedicated to the Theatre Senior class of 2020!
Now please, sit back, relax, and enjoy The Addams Family Musical!



                                                                       -Fernando Albarran


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