The Addams Family - January 24 - February 01, 2020

Klein Forest High School

 Proper Audience Etiquette  

1. Arrive on time. Doors close and you may not be allowed in after the start of the play.


2. Turn off your electronic devices. Please do not just turn them to silent.


3. Remove your hats, hoods, and earphone. Please make sure your earphones are turned off and silenced during the show.


4. Never put your feet up on the back of the seat in front of you or the stage.


5. Do not talk during the performance.


6. Do not take food or drink into the theater. Do not unwrap gum or candy or pop gum during the performance.


7. Do not leave during the musical except in an emergency. Please stay seated as entrances happen all over the space and it is a safety concern if you get up during the production.


8. Applaud the performers at the end of the musical as they take their bows. Reserve a standing ovation for outstanding performance.


9. Dress Appropriately. A good reference is to wear what you might wear to church or family events.


10. Allow yourselves to use all your senses to enjoy the show right in front of you. 


11. Please do not plug your phone into any outlets in the theatre. We have lights, sound, and many other electronics plugged in, you may cause a spark or an outage. Turn your phone off during the performance to save the charge you have ;)


12. No video recording or photography of any kind as it is a copyright violation and may result in a fine.


13. Do not leave until the house lights are turned on.



If you can adhere to these simple requests you will be able to enjoy the show, and allow others to enjoy the show too! 

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