Chicago - High School Edition - March 07 - March 09, 2024

LeRoy Jr/Sr High School


Act One  
Scene One
And All That Jazz  
Velma and Ensemble
Scene Two - The Bedroom
Funny Honey  
Scene Three - The Jail
Cell Block Tango  
Velma and Ensemble Women
Scene Four - The Jail
When You're Good to Mama  
Matron "Mama" Morton
Scene Five - The Jail
Scene Six - The Visitor's Area
Scene Seven
All I Care About  
Billy Flynn and Ensemble Women
Scene Eight - Billy's Office
We Both Reach for the Gun  
Billy, Roxie, Mary Sunshine and Ensemble
Scene Nine
Roxie and Ensemble Men
Scene Ten - The Jail
I Can't Do It Alone  
Scene Eleven - The Jail
My Own Best Friend  
Roxie and Velma
Act Two  
Scene One - The Jail
I Know a Girl  
Me and My Baby  
Roxie and Ensemble Men

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