Chicago - High School Edition - March 07 - March 09, 2024

LeRoy Jr/Sr High School


The Musical! An artform that makes you dance, makes you sing, makes you feel, asks you questions, lets you explore, and be creative! After coming of Les Miserables last year we needed to find another story tell. Soemthing that would challenge our students in a way they never have been before! When Mr. K mentioned CHICAGO I couldn't get it out of my head. A show full of great music and FOSSE dancing! I wanted our students to experience. I am grateful for the wonderful adapters that have made classics such as this show available to teenagers. The experience of watching our students take on this fabulous piece of art has been nothing but inspiring.


Throughout the experience of putting this show we have challenged the students to consider what FAME is. Having the opportunity to discuss what a Satyre is, teach Melodrama acting to the students and really delve into news Propoganda and how and which people become famous was a fabulous learning experience. While you watch the show tonight, I ask you to question, consider, and think about who we make famous in our society today. 


I lastly want to thank the VILLAGE. The village of students, directors, community members, professionals who have assisted us, and more. We are grateful to have your support here in LeRoy. So, sit back, relax, and let these kids razzle dazzle you!


~ Jackie McLean, Artistic Director



Every year, musical directors have the same challenge. How do we choose a musical that will be different from the previous year, but will still generate the same excitement from the students and production staff alike? How do we make sure we are giving the kids a unique but educational experience? How do we build on their success and help them to continue to grow as artists? It’s not an easy task. Especially when we were trying to follow up last year’s exceptional production of Les Misérables. The answer to our dilemma was one word: CHICAGO!


When I saw the Broadway production for the second time over the summer, I was reminded why it is one of the longest-running shows in history. It also inspired me as we set out to help our amazing students bring this modern classic to life on a high school stage. At first glance, Chicago might not seem to be the ideal musical for teenagers, but the kids have learned so much throughout the rehearsal process. They have been exposed to the music of the great Kander and Ebb and the iconic dance style of Bob Fosse. They have learned about the culture and fashion of the 1920s. And they have learned how great art can illuminate the greater truths about society, while entertaining people at the same time.


Most of all, Chicago has been so much FUN! I am in constant awe of the talent that graces our high school stage. Somehow it gets better and better every year. But more importantly, I have smiled and laughed  throughout this entire process. These kids are a joy to work with, and they just happen to be wonderfully talented as well. I just know that you will all be smiling and laughing and applauding as you sit back and enjoy LeRoy High School's production of Chicago.


~ Joe Kusmierczak, Co-Director




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