Chicago - High School Edition - March 07 - March 09, 2024

LeRoy Jr/Sr High School


This year's production would not have been possible without the following people, organizations, and community buisnesses helping us out! Thank you for all you do to support our musical family!


Mr. Merrit Holley, Superintendent of School

LeRoy Central School District Board of Education

Dr. David Russell, LeRoy Jr/Sr High School Principal

Mr. Jamie Clark, LeRoy Jr/Sr High School Assistant Principal

Mrs. Carol Messura, LeRoy Wolcott Street School Principal

Mrs. Lauren Combo, LeRoy Wolcott Street School Assistant Principal

Betsy Fox, LeRoy Head of Transportation

Mr. PJ Fannon, Directof of Buildings and Grounds

LeRoy Jr/SR High School Maintenance and Custodial Staff

LeRoy Music Boosters

Batavia Legal Printing

T-shirts Etc.

Applied Audio and Theatre Supplies

Main Street Theatre, Batavia NY
Patrick Patton, Beth Patton, Joe Patton, Kate  

OFC Theatricals

Courtney Schutt

Laura Williams, Mary Platek, Heidi Austin

Maureen Privatera, Krsity Prine,

Luke Weaver, Kim Yauchzee, Julie Long

Jeffrey Shade, Nazareth College

Main Street Theatre, Norm Argulski

Steve Chesler Photography

PJ Puccio, Emilie Barber, Rozalyn Zalacca



The LeRoy Community Members who supported our talented students year after year. We are always in debt of your patronage.




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